Saturday, 13 November 2010

Back home again

Wow, well that's the holiday over. I really wasn't ready to drive back home this morning. The weather was pretty atrocious but that meant listening to amazing storms tucked away in our cottage, and we never had intended doing too much, anyway!

Seth and I came down with stinking colds two days in and sleep, as usual, alluded us but we still had the most amazing time together. Seth's bed was a normal sized single, as opposed to the toddler sized one he's normally in so one morning I crawled into bed with him for a cuddle. Seth kept turning his head to look at me and then just started giggling. It was fab.

Because he was full of cold we didn't tackle any more specific physio excercises but Seth has spent the week drinking from his cup, rather than a bottle and played lots of turn taking games in the car; him making sounds and us copying him. To top it off, and Louise you'll be so proud, Seth totally made a choice between milk and bed by selecting the 'object of reference'. We weren't sure which Seth wanted so I offered him his cow print cup which he always get given just before a bottle of milk and his bear with a bell in that gets jingled every bedtime. Without hesitation Seth lifted his hand and touched the cup. To be sure we did it again and he clearly lifted his hand and touched it again.

So yeah a pretty amazing week. Lots of giggles and proud parents.