Monday, 8 November 2010


We're on holiday this week. It's a lovely cottage with a view of the sea and just what we need to slow our pace and simply enjoy being together as a family. And there is no excuse for not trying new things with Seth because we can take as long as we need and there is nowhere we need to be. So I've brought a 'next step' cup to finally try to move Seth on from a bottle and also angled spoons to help Seth feed himself. I forgot the full frontal bibs so we're going to get into a mess but there you go - there's a washing machine.

And so far Seth is really responding to the relaxed pace and Craig and he are having a really lovely time together. He drank for the first time from the toddler cup without any stress or panic this morning. He has to bite it to release the liquid and usually he panics, clamps his teeth down and starts drowning! & also this morning I kneeled him down in front of a fluffy cushion and stretched his arms down so that he could feel it. Then I realised that he was completely supporting himself with his left hand. He stayed like that for a couple of minutes until he gradually sank down. Another first! We did a dance of triumph afterwards.

I'm hoping that I have relaxed a little, too, after this week as I've felt perpetually tense these last few months.