Saturday, 27 November 2010

A positive experience!

Earlier this week we had an appointment with Seth's consultant. As soon as we arrived I took Seth out of his chair and stood him up, holding his hips. The doctor was very pleased, asking how long Seth had been able to do that. So I asked Seth if he wanted to walk. Seth immediately stepped forward and started walking wobbily around the room with me trailing behind on my knees. The doctor's jaw practically dropped to the floor and stated that he never expected to see Seth walk. I just smiled and half shrugged - it was hard not to snub my nose at him. I told him that he's talking now and the doctor excitedly asked what words he was saying. I had to explain that when I say 'talking' it doesn't mean that we can understand anything he's saying! We discussed his fits - Seth has had 2 fits in 9 months which also surprised him. Although it's still a big concern he said that the longer we go without one the risk decreases. Anyway I listed all of the things that Seth can do now that he couldn't do 9 months ago when the doctor last saw him and I left on a real high which is another first!

He never mentioned another MRI scan and I didn't either. I had planned discussing my ideas about the CDC assessment and how the cognitive assessment doesn't appear to take into account visual difficulties. It's something I've previously posted on but looking back I can't actually find that post! Anyway, I completely forgot in the end; unsurprisingly discussing Seth's actual achievements distracted me from talking theory.