Friday, 29 October 2010

Light switches and youth clubs

A little while ago I asked for advice on fitting a light switch that Seth could activate with his foot whilst in bed. I was given some really helpful ideas but after talking to my electrical friend I plumped for a rocker switch. We fitted it horizontally and that first night Seth switched his light on. It's been fitted a week and every night he runs his foot across it turning his light on and off. I'm certain he knows what he's doing and he giggles away to himself. It's fab.

We met our new Early Support Coordinator on Thursday (although they've got new titles now but I can't remember what that is). I got off my chest my annoyance about the letter she sent and then we moved on. She left us with various leaflets full of information and this morning I found myself reading about youth groups and older kids activities. & I started to get excited about the kind of boy Seth will become and the kinds of activities he might be interested in. It's still tempered with fear and worry but I'm actually anticipating the future for the first time. I've always believed that the future is an open book for him and refused to allow the medical professionals doom and gloom to prejudge him. I know they are all waiting for him to start fitting again and my SENCO actually said that we should make the most of these good times and I think I've let those ideas overshadow everything recently. I am going to allow myself to feel positive about the future and enjoy him for who he is now.