Saturday, 2 October 2010

Saying hello

Seth's 'hellos' are definitely coming on. He acknowledges me more when I pick him up from nursery (he goes twice a week) and they tell me they walk around the room with him saying 'hello' to the other children. I can already see a difference in his awareness, as well as his walking.
During the night when I changed his nappy he actually stopped crying when I came into the room and then talked to me the whole time. It was fab, actually made me not mind to be woken at 3.30! His vocabulary relies heavily on vowels and a few back of the throat consonants but he's been making sounds beginning with 'm' for some time now and it really felt like he was saying 'mummy'. He's actually looking at me when he's making the sound for a start. It's quite amazing how versatile a sound beginning with 'm' can be - he's been saying 'more' when I'm feeding him for a year now and I'm certain that in the evening he's asking for milk. There's another sound that always goes along with it, plus sometimes he even signs 'milk' as well or brings his hands together as if holding a bottle. You don't realise how much he is communicating until you stand back and reflect on it!

Took Seth to Rugrats & Halfpints again on Thursday. Seth actually lifted up his right hand and gazed at it. I've never seen him do that whilst sitting up before. He actually did it 3 times; he'd look away and bring his hand down and then bring it back up and look again. Then I took him to his favourite spot; an alcove which is all black with mirrors and tiny lights dotted all over the walls. He just giggled and giggled. We actually had 2 other kids come over to see what all the fun was and he enjoyed sharing the space too. Unsurprisingly I have now booked his birthday party there!