Sunday, 3 October 2010

Just a bit busy

So tomorrow I've got to phone:
- the garage about coming to pick up my car because someone backed into it on Friday when I picking Seth up from nursery;
- the OT to come out to the nursery to fix his chair, because I simply can't rely on them to do it;
- Seth's consultant because we're supposed to be seeing him this month and still haven't been given an appointment;
- the OT wheelchair service because it's now been 3 months since it was ordered and I still haven't heard anything;
- our early support coordinator because I got a snotty letter from her - can you believe this; she's phoned a couple of times and left messages to introduce herself and to try to make an appointment to see us. I want to see her but being a bit busy I haven't yet gotten around to calling her back to set something up. So she writes a letter saying that if she doesn't hear from me in the couple of weeks she she's going to 'close our case'. What so if I don't need her right now I'm not allowed to need her every again?! So she's going to hear from me all right!!
- phone the LEA to find out why we are not eligible for transport;
- phone to change the shoe appointment they've given me because it clashes with an appointment we've already got

Somewhere in this I've actually got to go to work!