Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed this week. I've been getting on really well at work these last past months and now I'm struggling with concentration and managing the increasing workload. Last year when this happened I went off with stress for 2 weeks and then reduced my hours - now I recognise the symptoms so hopefully I can try to head this off! Work is very busy and demanding; I feel my brain is so full of Seth-stuff that there is no room to cope with a demanding job as well. But it's having that job that keeps me sane normally so it's not simply a matter of quitting.

Seth starting pre-school in January is weighing heavily; the change in his hours means I have to change my hours and I'm waiting for my employers response to my request. I can't set anything else in motion til I know. It turns out that we don't get transport because we live .1 of a mile too close to the school. This adds an extra layer of complication; I can write and ask for a review though.

I left a message with our Early Support coordinator on Monday about that stinky letter she wrote. She hasn't phoned back.

I got a hire car yesterday arranged by the insurance car. I specifically told them it had to be large enough to fit a wheelchair buggy and a child seat in - they turned up in a 3 door, small booted car. So I sent them wasn't a good morning - Seth had tummy ache again (constipated again despite the new meds) and missed his morning nap due to waiting for car. I still managed to get to swimming on time but he promptly fell asleep and slept through the class. Then refused lunch - his face was burning red, I just wish his teeth would finish coming through!!! So we gave up on Conductive class and came home.