Saturday, 2 October 2010

Sometimes I just despair

The nursery washed Seth's chair over the summer and couldn't put it back together again. So they started feeding him in a normal chair with the other children - I'm not sure how they managed it as one teacher would have to have been sitting behind him supporting him. They then reported that he wasn't eating as much. I pointed out that he wouldn't eat as much as he would be struggling to keep himself upright and would get tired quickly. His sitting is improving but that's really expecting too much! They still haven't called OT to fix the chair and have been using a pushchair to feed him in instead. Thing is they should be using his chair to do sensory play with him which means they can't have been doing this either.

In addition, the physio went on Friday. Apparently they knew nothing about the appointment so were not expecting her. How could she not have booked it in with them?! She then asked them to give her a copy of the excercise routine that she wrote. A colleague of hers had added illustrations to the routine and sent it to me and I had duly circulated it. But the colleague hadn't given her a copy of it - they work in the same place and yet can't even provide copies for each other. So the nursery were asking me for permission to give her a copy of a piece of paper that she should have already had.

And our preschool teacher actually told me that I shouldn't get involved with the nursery setting and should leave it to her. Yeah right-she had no idea that Seth's key worker barely saw Seth now as she had other responsibilities and she knew nothing about them using a pushchair to feed him. If I don't keep on top of everything things simply don't happen. It's not in my nature to sit back and leave things to others but it would be nice if I didn't have to micro-manage every bleedin' thing.