Friday, 22 October 2010

Letting off some steam

I'm shattered. The first night in about 2 weeks that Seth has slept through and I'm up most of the night with a poorly tummy. That's irony for you! & after having been off last week with flu-cum-virusy thing I didn't feel in a strong position to phone in sick again. So I soldiered on in a martyr like fashion. But now I'm in my pyjamas with a bowl of Ben and Jerrys so all is right with the world.

Despite my tiredness I'm definitely feeling a lot more chipper. With getting signed off last week I really do think there is a note on my file that says 'give this woman a break any time you get the opportunity' because my friends tell me they never get signed off that easily. I've had a great time with Seth this week; we've made it to all the classes, picked up new shoes and tried out some seat potties (it looked a bit like a commode!).

My car is fixed and back home, Craig spoke to the Early Support Coordinator and told her that she should review the way she writes to parents and we're meeting her next week, I've spoken to my SENCO and had a moan about the nursery AND my parents have totally saved the day by offering to take Seth after school when he starts his preschool year in January, 3 days a week so I can carry on working. That is such a massive relief - the options were he carries on at his current nursery (the same nursery that I'm having to micro manage to get the simplist of things sorted) in the afternoons or he went to a childminder. & then Craig would have had to use his lunchbreak to transport Seth from one to the other which he was getting really stressed about. But my parents will pick Seth up so no problem. AND I'll save on childcare. I've even got an update on the wheelchair- apparently the wrong size had been ordered so it came into stores and then went straight out again. I'm told it should be just a couple of weeks now.....

This blog is a real stress buster for me. I can say whatever's on my mind and I always feel a weight lift from my shoulders. I've noticed that we all apologise for having a moan. I'm acutely aware that there are plenty of other parents in the same boat as me going through the same pain and that some kids have a lot more difficulties than Seth does. & another mum I know is having a tough week and she was telling me about it. But she kept apologising for moaning because her 2 boys have fewer difficulties than Seth. But she has a total valid reason for being stressed and worn out and if we can't be there for each other to support each other when we feel down then what good are we? We're all trying to remain so positive for our children that we find it hard to admit when we're not feeling all that positive. Perhaps we're worried that if we let a chink get in our armour then our defences will crumble. But in here you can let it all out and I want you to feel free, if you want, to add a comment to any of my posts letting off steam about whatever is stressing you out.