Sunday, 17 October 2010

Feeling blue

Have you ever had that discussion about what you would do if your partner got into a terrible accident and became hospital bound or became totally dependent on you for his care? Maybe it's just me but when I watched a film where that happened it made me think; would you stick with them? Even though your relationship with them would have irrevocably changed? What if it's not your partner but your child?
He will be 3 in just over a month and my child should be running around, testing his boundaries, talking, exploring. Instead he would rather bounce on his feet than walk, rock back and forth rather than play with anything in front on him, and I still can't get him to drink from anything but a teat-ed bottle. I suppose I'm just feeling blue because I'm getting over my flu-thingy. Seth is remarkably different to the child he was a year ago but today I can't help focusing on the stuff that hasn't changed and worrying about his future and about our future.