Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Seth calls me mummy

Recently I've been thinking about how ambidextrous I'm getting. I eat breakfast with one hand whilst feeding Seth his with the other. If I got up earlier I could have my breakfast in peace first but that rarely happens so I end up with this juggling act. Sometimes I prefer it because Seth will often let his head fall forward and let the cereal dribble out. He does that a lot and sometimes I think he does it just for a laugh. Like sometimes he'll giggle and then deliberately drop his head forward and other times when my voice starts getting louder and probably shriller as I'm telling him off for doing it, he'll get a glint in his eye and do it again. Because whilst his head does tend to drop forward, he struggles to chew and he hasn't learnt to keep his mouth closed there are times when he eats perfectly. Little bugger! & if I'm shovelling food into my own mouth my full concentration isn't on him and I'm not being wound up by his terrible eating habits. Nonetheless sometimes I suddenly become aware of what I'm doing and how weird it is that I'm juggling these 2 spoons of porridge.

Times when we got out for a coffee or even a meal I'll often choose something I can eat one handed and I'll be feeding Seth a sandwich whilst spearing something with a fork with the other. Once I got out of sync and tried to give Seth the wrong thing and I stopped, confused, for a moment before swapping hands. Craig and I have got it down to a fine art now, I think. One of us will start chopping Seth's meal up whilst the other begins to eat and then we'll swap back and forth so that we both get to eat before it's all completely cold. Weirdly it's still worth the treat of going out to eat. I do sometimes wonder what we look like but not for long because I don't really care.

Oh, and Seth called me mummy for the very first time today. Normally Craig picks Seth up from my parents but he had to work late so I did it tonight. I was buckling Seth into his car seat and he looked at me and said 'mum' with an elongated 'u' and then after a very brief pause 'mummy'. Naturally I was a bit shocked, questioning that I had heard correctly but there was no doubt. It just tops off a weekend of cleverness where he sat on the floor, unsupported, for at least half an hour and then started lifting his legs up together and dropping them back to the floor with a bang and a giggle. He repeated this for several minutes thoroughly enjoying this new game. Firstly he's playing!!!! And secondly the control and strength he has gained to be able to do that is so cool. As if that wasn't enough on Saturday I was sitting playing with a friend's daughter on the floor and Seth was sitting with us. Although he was simply sitting and hadn't shown any interest in the other kids, Seth started laughing. When our game moved away from him he started to get upset. Again on Sunday, when Seth was sitting on the floor and myself and Seth's cousins were sitting with him as they played with some lego. Seth was obviously gaining enjoyment from being with them as they played. I wish I could get Seth to show more outward interest in other children as after they have said 'hello' and got nothing back they tend to ignore him and yet he obviously is really enjoying their company.