Sunday, 29 January 2012


I got a flyer about trampolining for disabled kids about 6 months ago and last week we finally went. There's actually a trampolining centre in a leisure centre across town, something I didn't know until last Thursday. They have a number of trampolines and have different groups attending. They offer 2 hourly sessions for children with disabilities, the trampoline is set in the floor so they simply walk or carry the child onto it. They also have a big mat which they lay on it so if they child lies down it's more comfortable.

Seth had fallen asleep in the car so was very unhappy when he woke up being moved into his chair. He screamed his displeasure for about 15 minutes as we walked through the leisure centre, waited with other parents and kids for our time slot to go in and then as I completed the form filling, explanation of Seth's mobility and payment for our 2 taster sessions. I was beginning to think that it was going to be a complete waste of time. However, I got Seth out of his chair and let him lie down on the floor; he began to relax. It turns out that one of Seth's class mates has been going trampolining for several months and so I started to natter with her mum. There were about 4 other children there and they took turns on the trampoline. Seth went crazy with glee when it was his turn; he lay on the mat whilst the guy in charge bounced springing Seth up and down. We're definitely going next week!

We can't take photos in the centre (children's privacy issues) but Seth's face was very similar to when he is on the swing:

(thanks to Gill for the photo :) )