Monday, 16 January 2012

Seth isn't teething. We visited the very lovely lady dentist at the hospital in Wellingborough this morning (we went there because she is the dentist that makes the annual visit to Fairfields, Seth's school, and so already holds records of Seth's teeth). He has the full set already, no more have come through and none appear to be trying to come through. If he does get any more teeth they'll be his adult teeth and he is very young to be getting these and she should have been able to see signs on the gum if they were on the move. He had no swellings and no tooth decay so she couldn't tell me what has been causing Seth's pain at all.

The next step would be an x-ray and for that Seth would have to be sedated and she didn't have enough evidence to recommend that. So we are no further forward. Seth was much happier this morning so maybe whatever it was has passed but last week he was sobbing and screaming so something was hurting him. I suppose all I can do is take him straight to the GP if it starts again, and hope that it doesn't!

We've had the report back from our Core Assessment. We've been offered 3 hours a week Direct Payments to pay someone to look after Seth so Craig and I can go out and spend some 'us' time. Its very gratefully received! Now I've just got to find out how it actually works!