Friday, 13 January 2012

Some navel gazing and then more about Seth

My blog isn't the best written of blogs out there. I know the best timing for writing and sharing a blog and I know the best practice for the format of each post. I follow some really well written blogs and admire them. I was wondering recently whether I'd get a larger readership if I took more care of my blog; had properly thought out themes for my posts rather than being pretty much straight downloads from whatever is on my mind at that moment, or had more regular timings of each post etc etc. But then I realised that whilst having large numbers of followers is always nice for the ego the reason I enjoy my blog is that it is such a purging of emotion for me. I hope people that come across it find it interesting or helpful but I think I'd do this even if no-one was reading it. I think it's a bit likely counselling without the understanding nodding. So I think I'll stick with it as it is :)

Seth has been totally amazing these last couple of weeks. I've mentioned before that he's been using his hands more but we've been completely blown away by him recently. Last weekend he started trying to pick up shaped blocks and reaching out to hit a toy that made a tuneful noise when it spun. I just sat gobsmacked watching him. Then on Sunday he was sitting next to Craig and was obviously feeling hungry. With one hand he signed for 'eat' and with the other he patted Craig's arm. Seth even looked up at him as well. The school also reported that when given a bowl of water he splashed the water with his hands completely independently. He's really learning control!

On the downside Seth also appears to be teething which is pretty weird because he has a full set already and 4 seems a little old (or young depending on how you look at it) to be cutting teeth. He seemed to be teething over Christmas and this last week has seemed in such pain. Teething powders and painkillers aren't really cutting it (no pun intended) but I've managed to get a dentist appointment on Monday so we'll know for sure then what's going on, thankfully.