Saturday, 18 September 2010

Seth has been on his new medication for a few days now and it does seem to be having a positive effect which is fantastic. He still has tummy aches but he's seems happier in himself plus I think he's teething (just 2 more teeth to go!!!)which could be confusing the issue. One slight worry - he had a fit last night. The first one in almost 6 months. It was late evening, Seth had been asleep in bed and woken up crying (not unusual!). Before I reached him he had stopped crying and when I looked in he'd kicked off his covers, his whole body was shaking very slightly and he was staring fixedly off to one side. I automatically started timing it and spoke to him gently. After 2 minutes it stopped and then he started crying again. Today he was very flushed so I assume the whole thing was bought on by the teething, or simply being poorly.

I went to the crafty shop last week and I bought my sticky velcro etc and now I can clip Seth's 'hello' button to him. He's been using it all week which is great. He doesn't really react when I put his hand on it, but if it goes off by accident when he's sitting down he finds it very funny. Mostly because it's his daddy's voice that's recorded, I think.

I've also got his sensory room going! It's just his bedroom with the curtains drawn but with the various lights against the dark, purple walls it's very effective.