Sunday, 5 September 2010

Since the Northampton NHS professionals (distinct from other professionals such as Speech & Language therapists from Milton Keynes :)) have stated that Seth's cognitive development is only that of a 3 months old I've been pretty confused by what 'cognitive development' actually is. The other development terms are 'physical' and 'speech and language' so surely cognitive surely means intelligence - Seth's understanding of the world around him. Certainly this seems far beyond a 3 month old. So I've finally googled the term and come across a Wikipedia entry for Piaget's theory of Cognitive Development. Now I remember this from my psychology A level and I do now better understand how they are meaning it. If you follow Piaget's model then Seth would appear to be in the 4-8 month banding (still better than they said!!). However, this model really relies on vision and Seth has visual difficulties so surely you need another model? I have found a site with some interesting research. If I am going to help Seth understand and interact with his world I'm going to need understand how his visual difficulties may be impeding this and then what I can do to bridge that gap. Of course not really understanding what he does and doesn't see doesn't really help!!