Friday, 10 September 2010

Why I don't trust professionals

Seth has constipation. I went to the doctor about a year ago about this and I was given a prescription for Lactulose. This didn't work so I was told all they could offer me were suppositories. Since then it's improved, Seth only goes once or twice a week but it's no longer painful. He suffered from stomach ache sometimes though. I tried Lactulose again once but it just seemed to increase his wind and stomach ache so I stopped. I always mentioned it at meetings but never went back to the GP because there was no point. Then at the end of last term another mum told me about a Constipation Clinic at the hospital. Seth's tummy aches got more frequent so I phoned the doctor to try to get a referral. He told me that I should persevere with the Lactulose and to make an appointment and then maybe I could get a referral. So yesterday I finally got to see our fab GP - it takes over 2 weeks to get an appointment so you never get her when you want a next day appointment. It's like you have to choose - either get a professional opinion straight away but get varying quality levels of informed opinion. Or wait 2-3 weeks to see someone who actually knows what she's talking about! It's like the shit doctors aren't popular so have more time free so when you want a quick appointment you always get offered them! So anyway I have now discovered that there are in fact alternative medication and that Lactulose is renowned for causing wind and discomfort, especially in children. So all this time Seth has been suffering when he didn't need to. & I trusted what a doctor told me without questioning it. & here I thought I had stopped being so naive!!
So, tomorrow we start on the new medication and look forward to the referral.