Saturday, 11 December 2010

Classes and other mums

I went out with the girls the other evening; other mums who I know through the swimming, conductive and music classes that I take Seth to. It's the 3rd time I've been out with them and I'm so glad I do because I realised that as all the classes are finished for this term I wouldn't see them again otherwise. The classes are run by the school that Seth starts his preschool year in January so he'll still do them all but I won't be! It's great for Seth and will make things easier for me but I'll miss the classes and I'll miss talking to the other mums. It doesn't seem like 2 minutes since I first took Seth to his first class, trying to hold back the tears because it was so emotional; going to the class meant that I accepted that this was the right place for Seth, that he belonged in a school for special needs.
It was a running joke that Seth would sleep through anything- he used it as an avoidance technique and would often fall asleep in the car as we approached the school and plenty of times wouldn't wake up until time to say goodbye. He even slept during swimming lessons. Then when he realised I still dragged him there he started shouting his protests. Mostly during the conductive classes but they really made him work physically! But again I still dragged him there twice a week. & then he realised that it was actually fun and he started participating and enjoying the classes. & now 15 months later it's all over, for me at least. So thanks to all those mums who I now consider friends and I hope I see you guys soon.