Monday, 6 December 2010

The party

Seth's party was great fun. It was held at Rugrats and Half Pints so all the children could enjoy it. Seth had 15 children come to his party, aged between 3 months and 6 years and the younger children and less able children could enjoy the sensory and soft play area whilst the older and more able children could play on the other bit. All good!

Seth enjoyed being there but as he doesn't really show acknowledgement of others it was hard to know if he appreciated the party aspect. However, he definitely enjoys his fab new toys that he now has - so many new things to press which light up or play music and sensory touchy-feely stuff. We directed a few people to Fine Solutions which is where our county toy library gets some of its toys and they've done quite well out of us!!! I don't think Seth slept at all the following night. He wasn't crying but I woke up several times and he was awake and talking every time so I think we slightly overstimulated him what with teh party and then opening all of the presents and playing with them.