Monday, 20 December 2010

My naughty, cheeky, clever boy

When Seth eats you can get him to lift his head to take food from the spoon but then he tends to let his head flop forward again while he chews. And then because he often keeps his mouth open the food can fall out into his bib. I've wondered if it's because he's concentrating so much on eating that it's too much to keep his head up as well. & that might be part of it BUT sometimes he will let the food fall out, look up at you and giggle like he knows he's being naughty and it's a game. Anyway the other day he was taking the food, dropping his head, letting the food fall out while he 'chewed' and then lifting his head just enough for me to shovel more in. So I refused to feed him any more until he looked at me. & he simply wouldn't do it. His 'more' became more and more coherent and insistent and he brought his hand to his mouth to sign 'eat' but he would not lift his eyes to look at me. So in the end I got up with his bowl and took it back to the kitchen and when I looked back he was looking right at me! Little bugger!

Since then I've noticed his eyes following me when I walk past him. He's been doing it more and more and it does actually make me jump when I turn to look at him to find him looking back at me. I'm just not used to it! & a couple of times when I've leant in for a kiss Craig has noticed his hand reaching out towards me as I moved away. To top it off, last night, Seth was sitting on the floor and he was having great fun rocking further back and righting himself before he fell. That in itself was very cool but I knelt down beside him to talk to him and he turned his head towards me and then brought his hand up to my face. I turned to Craig to say 'oh my god did you see that?!' and when I turned back to Seth he did it again.

Anyway it's the annual eye test on Wednesday where they wave uninteresting objects in front of Seth to see if his eyes follow them and then put drops in to make his vision blurry so they can look at the back of the eyes. I am hoping that they will be able to see the change in his eyesight as well but he never tests well. The hearing dept still think that his hearing is dodgy when anyone who knows Seth can tell that his hearing is brilliant.