Monday, 6 December 2010

Looking forward to Christmas

I'm looking forward to Christmas - the break from work and time with Seth. It'll be the first Christmas I look forward to since Seth was born. At work, colleagues would say the usual 'thank goodness its Friday' but I never felt it. Because work has been my break from home life. & home life has just been work. Does that make sense? But the balance has tipped and the weekends are less work and more fun.

I'm a bit worried about Seth's sleep patterns though. Saturday night after the party he just talked and laughed all night. Last night (Sunday) he woke up screaming every couple of hours and now he's still awake at 10.30. First of all it was screams but after cuddles he's now just laughing and chatting again so loud I can hear him from downstairs. He did have a good couple of hours sleep today (although I didn't and I'm completely knackered) but I'm worried about how little sleep he's getting. He rarely goes through the night and it is usual for me to wake up in the night to find him awake and chatting away to himself, plus there are plenty of nights when he wakes up screaming. But this is definitely worse than usual! Anyway, I'm off to get as much sleep while I can!