Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Lots more firsts!

Seth's sight test went really well. He looked and tracked everything they moved in front of him. He didn't show any interest in the previous tests. They then put the drops in and checked the back of his eyes and physically everything is still the same. The doc (although he's a Mr not a Dr but I don't know what else to call him) said that Seth's eyes are obviously improving and that considering how in all the other areas his development is behind then we shouldn't expect his sight to be any different, and we should just hope for the best. That seems to be our family motto! I think the drops affected his eyes though because Seth had blood shot and gloopy eyes for a few days afterwards. I was worried it was conjunctivitis but it's clearing up on its own so can't be that.

And for another first, Seth stuck his hand in his bowl during breakfast the other day; weetabix and banana - doesn't it look yummy?
From Raising Seth

From Raising Seth

He spent the whole meal squidging his hands in it. Gross but great at the same time.

Then he spent some time playing with Daddy
From Raising Seth

Christmas isn't going too badly. Seth has been full of cold and quite sleepy. I was looking forward to having this time to play with him and I get so frustrated because he always seems to get poorly when we're on holiday. All the other time I seem to be taking him/picking him up from places; classes, nursery, shopping etc and then fitting in physio time or sensory time. But when we're on holiday we can relax and take our time and try to make it play time rather than work. But Seth seems to realise he's on holiday too and would obviously prefer to lounge around in bed a bit more. I can't honestly blame him and just need to try to relax and go at his pace-easier said than done, though!