Saturday, 8 January 2011

1st week over

Well that was Seth's first week at school. he loved every morning (apparently he got very excited each morning when the children had their 'hello' circle and was obviously so happy to be there)and slept most of every afternoon! He had a lie in this morning but he still fell asleep in his chair once he had finished his lunch and he's now back in bed!!! I hope he doesn't sleep for too long because we do actually want to go out this afternoon!

I started my domestic goddess attempt this week as well. I cooked lasagna and soup and veg pasties and baked cup cakes, fairy cakes and madeira cake. I'm particularly proud of the veg pasties :) I also had a complete disaster. I attempted to make chocolate steamed pudding but because my bowl was too big for my saucepan it steamed all afternoon but the middle was still squidgy. I'm renowned for boiling saucepans dry and ruining them so I was very watchful and kept topping the water up. But by Seth's tea time I decided to turn up the heat and give it just another half hour - I was pretty sure it would still taste fab, squidgy or not. In that half hour it managed to boil dry and melt the bowl into the pudding and saucepan, ruining all three. I was so absorbed feeding Seth and watching a review of Toy Story 3 (it looks really good!) on the telly that I somehow never noticed the acrid smoke filling the kitchen. I was gutted. What a waste of effort and money! Plus I was really looking forward to eating it! This meant no pudding for Seth but luckily he fell asleep (again) so didn't miss it.