Sunday, 16 January 2011

Peek a boo!

Yesterday morning Craig was feeding Seth his breakfast when Seth dropped his head down and became very still and silent. Craig obviously reacted with concern but after a few moments Seth lifted up his head grinning at his daddy. Then he dropped his head down again. He did this a few times and we think he was playing 'peek a boo' with Craig. He's done something similar in the past when being held; he'd bury his head in your shoulder and then lift his face up again - obviously we always played along and I think the game has been extended. Craig told me that the other night when he was putting Seth to bed and reading him a story Seth suddenly buried his head in the duvet and then looked back round at Craig, repeating it a few times. It's completely amazing to see Seth initiating play like this and I love watching the two of them together. Now that Seth is more responsive there is a relaxed, playful air about them.
From Raising Seth