Monday, 3 January 2011


I've just woken up from the strangest, loveliest dream. I don't know if it will make any sense but I'm going to try to retell it. Seth and I were at Fairfields School at the Conductive Education class. The class had become the stage of an auditorium and as we were doing the class I realised that people were silently coming in and sitting down. Some were strangers but some were my friends I remember seeing Lucy and Niall, Colette, Sarah C and Matt. I knew that they were there to watch and support Seth. For some reason the teacher had to leave the classroom and myself and the 2 other parents sat and waited for the class to continue. The teacher didn't return so I started to say to the other parents (who had now become 2 men who I didn't know) that perhaps we should just carry on ourselves when they laid down and started sort of caterpillar crawling sideways and their children copied them. A couple of people applauded and I just went back to Seth who was lying on his tummy, feeling bad because they just did it without talking to me, knowing that Seth can't do that. Seth's arm was lying awkwardly at his side so I moved it and he suddenly moved his hips and then head to inch along sideways. It was only a small move but he did it twice and was obviously attempting to copy the other children. All my friends in the audience saw it too and I woke up smiling.
See, weird but lovely. :)

For New Years Eve we finally made up our minds and went to our friends, Rachel and Paul, who had invited a couple of people over. It was a very chilled out night with good music, conversation and booze. We didn't leave til 2 and then only because I didn't want to feel too crap and knackered later. It was a shame because Craig would have preferred to stay-one of the few times he has totally relaxed and enjoyed himself since Seth was born. So, the argument we had once we were home aside (!), it was a great start to 2011.