Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Overzealous grandparents and shiny new cars

On Monday, Seth was collected from school by my parents. When Craig picked him up later he was informed that Seth had poo'd in a potty. That is pretty amazing as this is the first time he has used a potty. Apparently its really supportive with a high back and arm rests (a bit like a throne my mum described it as!) and as they noticed he was making the motions, as it were, they quickly sat him on it. & hey presto. All good. Except that they photo'd the poo in the potty and showed the photo to Craig. My parents are completely tapped but you can't fault them for proud grandparentsness. Craig suggested to me that I should post the photo and make a 'log blog'.

This morning between dropping Seth off at school and picking him up 4 and half hours later I've been rushing round to 3 different car dealers test driving cars. We were awarded the higher level disability living allowance 'for getting around' just before Christmas and since then I have been excitably trying out different cars under the Motability scheme. Today was supposed to be decision making day because it's still going to be up to 2 months before we'll get it and its very hard fitting in all of Seth's equipment in my car every day, especially as I'm insisting on him using his walker to get to and from class. I think I've decided on the Ford Grand C-Max (the Toyota Verso coming in a close 2nd) but typically the dealer I visited today didn't have the right model so I've got to go back Thursday to actually see it and make my final decision.