Wednesday, 5 January 2011

First day of school

So it was Seth's first day at pre-school today. Although he eats lunch there I have to provide the food, even snacks. So I've been baking.
From Raising Seth
And Seth went to school with his new school bag and lunch box
From Raising Seth
After a week of lie-ins it was a bit of shock for him to be woken up at 7.45 and out of the house by 8.30. I virtually force fed him his breakfast! Despite this he loved his first morning at school. I was fine taking him in until one of the teachers asked how I was. Then I was suddenly tearful; today has been a long time coming! I was worried how Seth would cope and half expected him to just sleep the morning away. But instead he didn't sleep at all and apparently really enjoyed himself. Oh, the relief knowing that he's actually being taught stuff and I can stop worrying about it. Today's timetable was maths and science. The maths involved getting Seth to hold a ball and count to 3 and then letting it go again. The science involved feel-y tactile play and making the first page of a book 'that's not my bear'. I'm so happy!

While Seth was at school I went to the gym Craig and I joined at the weekend. I had a health MOT-apparently I'm pretty fit(!) but my cholesterol is high and my hip to waist ratio is really bad (no surprises there!) then I went for a swim, jacuzzi and sauna. Ah bliss! I actually felt relaxed for a whole couple of minutes. Then I picked up Seth and he slept for most of the afternoon. I really hope he sleeps tonight, too!